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Mission & Vision

The Bellevue Mission

At Bellevue School, we are a community of learners working collaboratively to maximize the academic potential and personal responsibility of every student according to state and district guidelines.  We provide our students with systematic interventions in order to meet their individual needs.

The Bellevue Vision

The vision of Bellevue School, in partnership with students, parents, staff, and the community, will provide a school where:

  • All students meet and/or surpass academic proficiency in the Common Core State Standards to be successful in high school and college.
  • Student achievement is attained through the instructional staff's utilization of best teaching practices based on educational research on teaching and learning.
  • Staff development is continuous and ongoing for all staff
  • Students, teachers, and parents represent a diverse community of learners that respect and appreciate all facets of diversity, including ethnicity, language, gender, learning ability, and origin.
  • The school provides a safe, clean, and nurturing environment with positive social/emotional support and guidance.
  • Students, staff, parents , and the community practice good character in order to be positive role models.
  • School culture and spirit are positive and all students and staff are respected, have pride in their school, accomplishments, and in serving their community.